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Information for Veterans

If you are a Veteran, you may be entitled to "Veterans Preference Points."

Veterans and widows of veterans can apply for Veterans Preference Points. These points can be added to the civil-service score for most entry-level positions with the State of California. To apply for these points, go to the State Personnel Board web site.

The State Personnel Board has a form on their web site you will need to download and complete.

Follow their instructions carefully. They will also need a copy of your DD214 from the US Military. You will need to mail both documents to the State Personnel Board (the address is on the form).

The State Personnel Board will review your information and determine if you are eligible for Veterans Preference Points. If eligible, they will send you back a letter awarding you Veterans Preference Points.

Make copies of your letter from the State Personnel Board, and mail one back to our Examination Staff asking that they apply the points to any Civil-Service Exams you completed. Please include a cover letter with a complete list of the exams (or self-assessments) that you completed.

        California Correctional Health Care Services
        Attn: Selection Services; Building D-1
        P. O. Box: 588500
        Elk Grove CA 95758

Our Examination Staff will add your Veterans Preference Points to your score on the State Certification List.

For more information regarding benefits for Veterans, please visit California’s Operation Welcome Home web site.


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