Welcome to California Prison Health Care Services

Newsroom Contacts

Our Communications Office is a liaison between the California Correctional Health Care Services and the public. We issue news releases and respond to information requests from the news media and the public. We manage all internal and external communications about prison health care and the federal Receiver charged with reforming the system.


Telephone: (916) 691-6714

Elizabeth Gransee
(916) 691-6721

Office of Legislation

The Office of Legislation provides executive policy advice and assistance on matters impacting the California Correctional Health Care Services. The Office of Legislation develops and sponsors legislation on behalf of the Receiver J. Clark Kelso, monitors bills of departmental interest, represents the Receiver on legislative matters, responds to inquiries from State and federal legislators, tracks the department's legislative reports, and coordinates inquiries arising from legislative concerns.

Legislative Contacts

Telephone: (916) 691-6714