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Executive Careers

Thank you for your interest in our employment opportunities with California Correctional Health Care Services. We are seeking exceptional executives dedicated and ready to improve quality access to health care.

We’re also improving the care of our staff. Salaries have increased; and you won’t be making federal social security payments, so you’ll keep more of that salary. Plus, as a California State Employee, you’ll enjoy one of the best benefits and retirement programs anywhere.

We have provided links (below) to help you start your search. Please read the Bulletin, and if qualified, click the link under “Test Instrument.” If you complete an online self-assessment, you will receive a score immediately upon completion.

If your score is successful, you will be placed onto a Certification List of eligible candidates. After receiving a score for the Certification List, you are welcome to apply to the vacancies in that classification that interest you. Please follow the “How To Apply” instructions on the job posting and submit your application. Only the most competitive candidates will be considered for an interview. Should you be chosen, you will be contacted by the Personnel Office.

EXAM BULLETINS -- Describes salary, benefits, minimum requirements and how to apply.TEST INSTRUMENTVACANCIES
Associate Director, Activation Management – CEA A<<Read Bulletin<<Read Bulletin
Associate Director, CEA A, ITMA<<Read Bulletin<<Read Bulletin
Chief Executive Officer, Health Care (Safety)Online Self-AssessmentView Current Vacancies
Chief of Communications – CEA A<<Read Bulletin<<Read Bulletin
Chief Support Executive – CEA A<<Read Bulletin<<Read Bulletin
Clinical Administrator - CEA A<<Read Bulletin<<Read Bulletin
Deputy Director, Corrections Services – CEA B<<Read Bulletin<<Read Bulletin
Deputy Director, Facility Planning & Activation - CEA B<<Read Bulletin<<Read Bulletin
Receiver’s Clinical Executive (Safety) - Radiology Services<<Read Bulletin<<Read Bulletin
Receiver's Medical Executive (Safety)Online Self-AssessmentView Current Vacancies
Receiver's Nurse Executive (Safety)Online Self-AssessmentView Current Vacancies
Special Assistant to the Undersecretary, Health Care Services CEA A<<Read Bulletin<<Read Bulletin

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Contact a Recruiter today by calling toll-free 1-877-793-4473 or by emailing medcareers@cdcr.ca.gov.


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